About Us

As Makro Chemical, we are active in the area of lamination adhesives since 1996. Apart from being the first ever flexible package lamination adhesive producer in Turkey.

We provide high quality service to our customers thanks to our valuable technical team. As a company, we are aware of the needs of our industry and comply with the international legislations

Our products, in order to cover the medium and high performance packaging needs, are used to merge the multiple-layer films, folios, paper and non-woven layers. Our customers function in various sectors ranging from food industry, cosmetics, pharmaceutical industry, textiles and lamination industry.
In Makro Chemical, we are aware of our duty as a producer in this industry; being able to assist our customers needs while evolving together with them drives us.

  • Improved customer satisfaction with high quality products and effective service
  • Create an innovative, ever growing and a consistent market structure.
  • Develop R&D activities for new products.
  • Expand the export volume.
  • Uluslararası alanda Makro Chemical marka değerini yükseltmek