MDI Ester 3 Component Systems

Product Hardness % NCO Packaging
Sarcoprene MST-3C 55A – 95A 16.5 ± 0.2 20 – 200 kg

Sarcoprene® MST-3C  series is a 3 component system based on MDI – Polyester which when reacted can give range of hardness varying from 55 to 95 ShA. 

Sarcoprene® MST-3C   series has some clear performance advantages over some of the more traditional high performance polyurethane elastomers. The polyurethane elastomers exhibit excellent physical properties, included good tensile strengths, high reslilience and excellent wear characteristics. There are also clear advantages in terms of processing, including low viscosity at processing temperatures and lower chemical hazards when handling the prepolymers and curatives.

Sarcoprene® MST-3C  series is ideally suited to machine dispensing, especialy where large mouldings are required. Typical uses for Sarcoprene® MST-3C elastomers are sealing and guide discs for pipeline cleaning, rollers, seals, gaskets, screens and linings.