Makro Chemical is in the business of cast polyurethane systems since 2005 and produces high quality polyurethane systems, bonding agents, curatives and additive / ancillary products. 

Makro Chemical’s Sarcoprene branded polyurethane systems are used in almost Turkey’s all polyurethane casting shops. Our company which supplies high quality castable polyurethane systems places importance on, not only, quality but also continuity and adjusts its stocks accordingly. Makro Chemical continuously keeps stocks in its warehouses in İzmir Menemen Free Zone and Izmir Çiğli Atatürk Industrial Zone, thus the ordered products are usually dispatched the same day. Due to its large product range, many different raw materials between the hardness of 25 ShA and 85 ShD are opted for and used by Makro Chemical customers.

Castable polyurethanes, a type of polyurethane named elastomer, are used in many branches of heavy industry because of their flexibility, impact and wear resistance. Polyurethane elastomers, which are elastic like rubber, started substituting the rubber due to their higher performance in numerous fields and operating life.

Castable polyurethane systems supplied by Makro Chemical: